Jesus Heals: A Parable

Although I’ve heard and read the story in the Gospel of Jesus healing the paralytic many times, it has just recently had a profound effect on me because of a part of the story I had overlooked. At the end of the story we read, “They were all astounded and glorified God, saying, We have never seen anything like this.” I suppose the people were astounded that a man who couldn’t walk was now walking at Jesus’ direction. I’m sure I would have felt the same way. But perhaps they comprehended the same thing I did just recently.

After watching the opening of the roof and the lowering of the man down on his mat, as a response to this display of faith, Jesus told the man “Your sins are forgiven.” The story continues that some of the scribes were there and were complaining among themselves that Jesus couldn’t do that because only God can forgive sins. To answer their challenge, Jesus tells the man to get up and go home. And the man does.

So what I recently began to wonder is, did Jesus intend to initially heal the man’s paralysis, or did he do that only after the scibes complained?

On Saturday I went to Confession. I have been doing that more frequently. On Sunday I didn’t feel very good and was confined to my bed pretty much the whole day, feeling miserable. Sometimes when you are laying in bed and can’t sleep, you think about stuff. I thought about asking the Lord that if it be His will, that I could feel better soon. And I thought about the paralytic man and his healing, and what Jesus did for the man. So I modified my prayer: Lord, if it is Your will, please heal my spirit and body.

In that order.

Making It Personal: March For Life 2012

Blessed Is The Fruit Of Your Womb

On a cold and rainy Monday, we took the train to Chinatown, walked a couple of blocks, and then sloshed through the mud to find a place to stand. We tried, sometimes in vain, to hear the politicans and other speakers that were yelling over the PA system. They all said stuff I have heard before. After that, we began walking. And then we stopped. And then we started again as the mass of Marchers clogged and unclogged the street. We Marched up the hill, past the vans and cars, the chanting and dancing people, the speakers blaring music, the big digital billboard of aborted fetuses and up towards the Capitol building. My back hurt. I was cold. I whined. My feet were wet.

Rainy Cold Monday

On the upside, post-march we had found a nice warm sports bar. We inhaled the food and the beer that goes with such a place, and I was just glad to be inside. It was a long and tiring afternoon. As we started to head back to the train to go home, I was rested enough to have a thought- Really…the March was over and what did I accomplish today? Anything? I surmised, as in previous years, this year’s March was going to be pretty much ignored by the popular media. Heck, I was even recently accused of being Pro-Life “once a year” by someone on “my side”. Is that what this was about? Was that the reason I drove from Cincinnati? Was this just a once a year show, just so I can say I was there?

Motherhood and Childhood

Of course, I then rediscovered that my reason for attending the 2012 March for Life is because I have a personal problem. I have a deeply-rooted personal problem with the destruction of babies. My church and my and heart and mind daily tell me that it is wrong to kill an innocent human person. It is wrong to legalize and institutionalize the killings of innocent human persons. Therefore, I have to go. I can’t not go. At the March, you are surrounded by people who similarly motivated. Yes, it is fun to take a road trip. Yes, it is wonderful to meet up with friends from all over the country. And Yes, it is important to go get your person out there and spend your life affirming Life. Babies cannot speak for themselves, so adults make the Life position known on their behalf, even though it’s cold and rainy and the back hurts.

A Collection of Life-Loving Persons

The March fo Life in DC is once a year. It is important for you to be able to tell people that you were there. Go. Go and say when you had the opportunity, you Marched. Tell your friends, your children, your enemies, your family, your coworkers and the guy sittin’ next to you on the bus. Tell them you did not accept what was going on an you said something about it. And you said to the persons who could do something about it in the place where they do their somethings. Then go do it next year. Make it personal.

Bon Voyage

Testing, Testing…1 2 3.