Jesus Heals: A Parable

Although I’ve heard and read the story in the Gospel of Jesus healing the paralytic many times, it has just recently had a profound effect on me because of a part of the story I had overlooked. At the end of the story we read, “They were all astounded and glorified God, saying, We have never seen anything like this.” I suppose the people were astounded that a man who couldn’t walk was now walking at Jesus’ direction. I’m sure I would have felt the same way. But perhaps they comprehended the same thing I did just recently.

After watching the opening of the roof and the lowering of the man down on his mat, as a response to this display of faith, Jesus told the man “Your sins are forgiven.” The story continues that some of the scribes were there and were complaining among themselves that Jesus couldn’t do that because only God can forgive sins. To answer their challenge, Jesus tells the man to get up and go home. And the man does.

So what I recently began to wonder is, did Jesus intend to initially heal the man’s paralysis, or did he do that only after the scibes complained?

On Saturday I went to Confession. I have been doing that more frequently. On Sunday I didn’t feel very good and was confined to my bed pretty much the whole day, feeling miserable. Sometimes when you are laying in bed and can’t sleep, you think about stuff. I thought about asking the Lord that if it be His will, that I could feel better soon. And I thought about the paralytic man and his healing, and what Jesus did for the man. So I modified my prayer: Lord, if it is Your will, please heal my spirit and body.

In that order.

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