I Finally Figured Out Another Thing To Write About (Rhyme Intended)

As Global Warming supporters become increasingly desperate as their pet theory wanes, this question occurred to me-

“Is there any other “scientific” endeavour where the premise is entirely dependent on a drawing?”

Think about it.

If the Squiggly Line Drawing doesn’t squiggle up, there is no AGW. So for every little dip and decline in the line, the theory is temporarily falsified. All the grandiose plans, all the scaremongering… POOF!

In fact, anytime the temperature goes down, anywhere, the theory is shot. Of course, until the line squiggles back up again, which it will eventually, AGW or not.

So what you have here is a hypothesis (AGW) that is not falsifiable, as there is no criteria offered by proponents for falsifiability.

Junk science.

Of course, I’ve been talking about this kind of stuff for a decade and no one seems to be listening. (Liberals, anyway)